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Levi Goossen
Levi Goossen is an attorney who has been in practice since 1962. He got the idea for NDF Co. in 1974 while serving as a county probate judge. He realized that the county attorney was spending a lot of time producing the same documents over and over. This led to the creation of numerous paper form sets with multiple parts serving different functions, but each containing the same information by carbon transfer. The company produces more than 25 different form sets used by attorneys, district courts, county attorneys, municipal courts, police departments and collection agencies. When Kansas garnishment laws changed to make wage garnishments continuous, NDF Co. developed a form for creditors to use that included instructions and a worksheet for employers to use to calculate the allocations. Realizing what a time-consuming task those calculations would be, Levi worked with a computer programmer to develop software that would make the calculations automatically and accurately, as well as print out monthly answers and distribution statements. Check out the company's web site at www.ndfco.com for more information, write to NDF Co., PO Box 725, Newton KS 67114-0725, or call (316) 283-3628.
Articles Written By Levi Goossen
Legal 1st-August-2002 Income withholding order vs. earning’s garnishment
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