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Lynne Rosetto Kasper
Lynn Rosetto Kasper is host of The Splendid Table. . . a nationally syndicated public radio call-in program devoted to the bountiful world of food, broadcast on KMUW FM89, listener supported public radio serving Wichita and South Central Kansas. Tune in every Saturday from 3 – 4 pm and join Lynne and her guests! For more information about FM89 membership, programming and special events, visit us online at www.kmuw.org
Articles Written By Lynne Rosetto Kasper
Food & Drink 1st-October-2003 Grilling 101
Food & Drink 1st-March-2003 French fries aren’t done
Food & Drink 1st-February-2003 What is a quince
Food & Drink 1st-December-2002 Stuffing the dressing
Food & Drink 1st-December-2002 Champagne cheescake
Food & Drink 17th-October-2011 Thanksgiving tips
Food & Drink 17th-October-2011 Quick dinner - vinaigrette
Food & Drink 17th-October-2011 Breadmaking
Food & Drink 4th-November-2011 Soup, pasta & tomatoes
Food & Drink 4th-November-2011 Of oregano and herbs
Food & Drink 4th-November-2011 Cooking hamburgers
Food & Drink 1st-May-2002 The joy and use of herbs
Food & Drink 4th-November-2011 The joy and use of herbs
Food & Drink 4th-November-2011 Of juicy steaks & gelato
Food & Drink 4th-November-2011 Salts & kreplach
Food & Drink 4th-November-2011 Of garlic, vanilla & alcohol
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