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Art Bryan
Art Bryan is president and owner of Southwestern Remodeling Contractors, Inc. Art started Southwestern Remodeling Contractors in 1970. Southwestern is a fully-licensed residential and commercial licensed general contractor in Wichita and the surrounding counties. Art has been a member of the Wichita Area Home Builders Association and the National Remodel Council since 1974. In mid-2000 Southwestern received the distinction of being named one of the "Top 25 Most Diversified Remodeling Companies in the United States.” Southwestern is listed as the 84th Top Remodeler in the country by Qualified Remodeling Magazine. Art can be contacted at his office at (316) 263-1239, fax at (316) 263-6230, or you can e-mail him at ARTSWR@aol. Com
Articles Written By Art Bryan
Home Improvement 1st-January-2005 What could/should we have done?
Home Improvement 1st-March-2004 Do we need an architect?
Home Improvement 1st-November-2003 Storm Doors and Windows
Home Improvement 1st-September-2003 Remodeling instead of relocating
Home Improvement 1st-August-2003 How is lumber graded?
Home Improvement 1st-July-2003 Planning for a deck
Home Improvement 1st-August-2001 How do you do stucco? Is it affordable?
Home Improvement 1st-June-2003 Planning for a deck
Home Improvement 1st-May-2003 Why redwood for decks?
Home Improvement 1st-April-2003 What is "frost heave"?
Home Improvement 1st-March-2003 Remodel kitchen list
Home Improvement 1st-February-2003 How much do you charge?
Home Improvement 1st-January-2003 Upgrading one’s home
Home Improvement 1st-December-2002 Kitchens
Home Improvement 1st-November-2002 When it comes to shows
Home Improvement 1st-October-2002 Masonite vs. vinyl
Home Improvement 1st-September-2002 What does CKD mean?
Home Improvement 1st-August-2002 Licensed-bonded-insured
Home Improvement 1st-July-2002 Lots to know about wood
Home Improvement 1st-June-2002 Plastic wood?
Home Improvement 1st-May-2002 How much do you charge?
Home Improvement 4th-November-2011 Remodeling a kitchen?
Home Improvement 4th-November-2011 Home entry doors
Home Improvement 4th-November-2011 Ceramic tile - repair & maintenance
Home Improvement 4th-November-2011 Kitchens... of ‘white’ and ‘bright
Home Improvement 26th-October-2011 Buy new or add-on?
Home Improvement 26th-October-2011 What should they ask?
Home Improvement 26th-October-2011 When does it not pay?
Home Improvement 2nd-November-2011 Converting a garage
Home Improvement 3rd-November-2011 When space isn’t there
Home Improvement 1st-July-2001 When space isn't there
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