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Darryl Starbird
Darryl Starbird started the Star Kustom Shop at 734 E Mt. Vernon in Wichita, Kansas 1954 building and designing custom automobiles gained National recognition in many national automobile publications. In 1959 when he built the "Predicta" the first bubble topped custom creation. Which skyrocketed him to the top of his profession. Monogram Models Car Co. made the "Predicta" as well as 13 other Starbird custom creations into model cars and millions have been sold worldwide. Many are still marketed today by Monogram and Mattel. Darryl also took another avenue in his career in 1957 started the Darryl Starbird National Exotic car shows. They toured and have been an annual event in over fifteen cities for 46 years including Wichita, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Kansas City, San Francisco, Oakland etc. In 1995 Starbird also opened the National Rod and Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum located on Grand Lake near Tulsa, OK. At 55251 E Hiway 85A Afton, OK. It houses twenty-two of his original custom creations. Actually Darryl has designed and built over 300 custom cars in his nearly 50 year career. The museum, is also a Hall of Fame housing 22 custom built cars of other famous car designers. Darryl's 46th annual Exotic car show will take place January 17,18,19 at Century II featuring over 400 custom built creations. Starbird will be showing his latest the "Donnabird" a XJS Jaguar Roadster which of course has been extensively restyled by Starbird.
Articles Written By Darryl Starbird
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