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Ed Clausen
Ed Clausen M.A M.A. Audiologist, CCC-A is a licensed Audiologist under the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. He received his CCC-A in 1994 and serves as Company Audiologist for the 18 company offices of Midwest Hearing Aids, Inc. in Kansas. He holds memberships in the American Speech/Language and Hearing Association, the Kansas Speech/Language and Hearing Association, and the Kansas Hearing Aid Association. You may contact Ed at Midwest Hearing Aids corporate office in Wichita at 1 (800) 668-4055 or locally at (316) 264-2411.
Articles Written By Ed Clausen
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Audiology 2nd-November-2011 What is an audiogram?
Audiology 5th-October-2011 "What did you say?"
Audiology 3rd-November-2011 “What did you say
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