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Dr David A Jernigan
Dr. David A. Jemigan, D.C., B.S., CCPK is a published author and is nationally recognized as a leader in Biological Medicine and the treatment of chronic illness. Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Nutri-tion with honors, he received his doctorate at Cleveland Chiropractic College-KC. Post Graduate studies have taken him far and wide, studying natural and anthroposophical medicine in Germany and Biological Medicine with the world-renowned Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland. Later studies provided certification in Botanical Medicine through the University of Colorado, School of Pharmacy, as well as being fellowship eligible in homeopathy. Dr. Jemigan is also the developer of the diagnostic and treatment technique, Bio-Resonance Scanning. Through the experience gained by successfully treating some of the toughest illnesses in the world. Dr. Jemigan has developed a whole new concept in medicine, called Circuit Healing™. Dr. Jemigan brings a unique perspective to the treatment of chronic illness, owning a German Pharmaceutical company (Jomol Pharma, (Gbh) and an American Nutraceutical company (Jemigan Nutraceuticals, me.) with patents in 18 countries. He has personally developed over 30 novel natural medicines to date. And as past-president of the American Medical Academy of Thermodi-agnostics, he is one of the most experienced doctors in the U.S.A. in one of the latest FDA approved, adjunctive diagnostic device... Computerized Regulation Thermodiagnostics. Somerleyton Center has from its opening been a referral-based practice. News of great results spreads far and wide, seeing that 60% of his patients come from more than 100 miles away and as far as Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and Alaska to name a few. Dr. Jemigan is presently writing three more books and doing a CD series: "Logical Healing Through Bio-logical Medicine" and "Healing, Through God-Designed Living". Dr. Jernigan’s offices are located at 545 N. Woodlawn, Wichita, Ks, 67208. Phone: (316) 686-5900.
Articles Written By Dr David A Jernigan
Health & Medicine 1st-August-2003 What is it?...‘circuit healing’
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