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Guy Bower
Guy Bower is the host of "The Good Life Radio Talk Show," Food, Wine and Fun for Your Ears on KNSS Newstalk 1240 AM. His show, in its 12th year, airs from 9-10 a.m. Saturdays and is a "who's who" of the food, wine and beverage industry. Guy is a retired Air Force officer with 20 years experience flying fighters. Now a pilot for FedEx, he is flying the Airbus. Throughout his career in the military, which involved many years living in Europe, he has been a dedicated food and wine enthusiast and home chef. Associated with the radio program, Guy regularly attends national seminars and wine tastings as both enthusiast and participant. A published writer, he has authored many articles on the enjoyment of food, wine & the "Good Life." He currently teaches wine appreciation classes at WSU's Continuing Education Center and is the founding chair and past chapter chair of the American Institute of Wine & Food, Wichita.
Articles Written By Guy Bower
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