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Gavin and Kristy Fitzpatrick
Gavin & Kristy Fitzpatrick are owners/operators of Pro-Coaters Inc. located @ 914 Industrial Rd in the industrial park in Augusta, Ks. Pro-Coaters specializes in aircraft/hobby and/or highly technical custom parts. Pro-Coaters has been in business since 1999 and they continue to grow today. The idea for a powder coating business came from Kristy's father Joe Newlon from his experience with painting cars and graphic design. You can reach Pro-coaters @ (316) 775-9292 or by e-mail: ksfks@aol.co
Articles Written By Gavin and Kristy Fitzpatrick
Powder Coating 5th-October-2011 Powder coating vs. spray paint
Powder Coating 5th-October-2011 Powder Coating
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