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Jeff Otto
Jeff Otto is Branch Manager of Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation which is a member of LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc., a premier national provider of title insurance and settlement services. Lawyers Title has been in the local marketplace since 1955. Jeff has been with Lawyers Title for 34 years, the last 24 right here in Wichita. You may contact Jeff at (316) 682-9600 x 201 or by e-mail at jotto@landam.com
Articles Written By Jeff Otto
Real Estate 1st-July-2007 Title insurance hazards to be aware of
Real Estate 1st-June-2007 How am I protected when I buy or sell?
Real Estate 1st-May-2007 How to sell your house yourself
Real Estate 1st-April-2007 Depersonalizing your home
Real Estate 1st-March-2007 Why is my home not selling?
Real Estate 1st-February-2007 Paying in cash and title insurance
Real Estate 1st-January-2007 How important is title insurance?
Real Estate 1st-December-2006 Moving steps, what are they?
Real Estate 1st-November-2006 Understanding closing on a home
Real Estate 1st-October-2006 Legal descriptions in real estate
Real Estate 1st-September-2006 Relax...it’s just property
Insurance 1st-August-2006 Title insurance is very important
Real Estate 1st-June-2006 Where are my property boundaries?
Real Estate 1st-May-2006 Title insurance protects against loss
Real Estate 30th-March-2006 Thieves...how do I protect myself?
Real Estate 1st-March-2006 Is title insurance really necessary?
Real Estate 1st-February-2006 About restrictive covenants
Real Estate 29th-December-2005 Why go through a title company?
Real Estate 1st-November-2005 Title insurance questions
Real Estate 1st-November-2005 Things that can happen to FSBOs
Real Estate 1st-September-2005 What if the title is not clear?
Real Estate 1st-September-2005 Should I be worried?
Real Estate 1st-August-2005 What does a recorded deed mean?
Real Estate 1st-July-2005 Mom deeded me her home - how do we sell it and save on taxes?
Real Estate 1st-June-2005 Common real estate terms
Real Estate 1st-May-2005 Difference between title and deed
Real Estate 1st-April-2005 Is our family land at risk?
Real Estate 1st-March-2005 Facts & tips about title insurance
Real Estate 1st-December-2004 Title insurance for a new home?
Real Estate 1st-October-2004 What if the title is not clear?
Real Estate 1st-October-2004 Condo title insurance?
Real Estate 1st-September-2004 Breakdown of closing costs
Real Estate 1st-June-2004 Can you explain title insurance?
Real Estate 1st-February-2004 Why is there title insurance?
Real Estate 1st-December-2003 Different kinds of deeds
Real Estate 1st-November-2003 Why a title search?
Real Estate 31st-December-1969 Do I need title insurance on FSBO?
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