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Father Cleary
Father Richard James Cleary was born and reared in Wichita. After graduation from Cathedral High School in 1947, he attended the seminary operated by the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey in Northwestern Missouri. There he came to appreciate the life of the monks and, having obtained the permission of Bishop Mark Carroll of Wichita, he became a monk of that monastery. After being ordained a priest in 1955, his superiors sent him to get his master’s degree at the University of Ottawa, Canada, then to study in Athens, Greece, and then in Rome, Italy, where he obtained his doctor’s degree in Theology. Finally, he spent a year of study at Harvard University. Later, Fr. Cleary was assigned to teach for many years in Rome. In 1998, he returned to Wichita, where he served in parish ministry at St. Mary’s Cathedral and at Blessed Sacrament parishes. In 2001, his abbot (superior) transferred him to Arkansas, where he served as chaplain of the Benedictine Sisters of Holy Angels Convent in Jonesboro, and helped in the parishes of northeast Arkansas. In March 2010, he was re-assigned to his monastery, Conception Abbey, Conception, in Missouri 64433. He can be contacted there at, 660-944-2877, or by email: rjcleary@juno.com.
Articles Written By Father Cleary
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Religion 1st-October-2003 Wasn't God harsh in closing the gates of Heaven for 4000 years?
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Religion 29th-September-2011 What's the best way to approach an atheist?
Religion 29th-September-2011 Were people less accountable in the Old Testament?
Religion 29th-September-2011 The end of times... is it getting close?
Religion 30th-September-2011 Can someone be reincarnated?
Religion 29th-September-2011 Is it important to sacrifice?
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Religion 28th-September-2011 Why did God wait so long to send Jesus?
Religion 28th-September-2011 Did all of mankind descend from just two people?
Religion 30th-September-2011 How is one ‘saved’?
Religion 30th-September-2011 How should one go about reading the Bible?
Religion 30th-September-2011 How does one know how big a sin is?
Religion 30th-September-2011 Apart from the bible... how do we know God exists?
Religion 30th-September-2011 Trying to understand the ‘Trinity’
Religion 30th-September-2011 End of times... what will happen and when?
Religion 4th-November-2011 Why would God allow so many different religions?
Religion 30th-September-2011 In heaven... will everyone be treated the same?
Religion 30th-September-2011 How many worlds have there been?
Religion 30th-September-2011 Is the Bible contradictory?
Religion 30th-September-2011 Science vs. religion... is there always a conflict?
Religion 26th-October-2011 Does one have to go to church to be saved?
Religion 28th-September-2011 Requirements to enter heaven... same for all?
Religion 30th-September-2011 Heaven doesn’t sound like all that much fun
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