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Derrick Nielsen
Derrick Nielsen specializes in helping clients manage the conflictual issues inherent in family businesses. He has worked with siblings and cousins to create structures, systems and policies that help them work together effectively as owners and managers. Derrick has assisted companies improve their governance systems through the formulation of strategic and operational plans, the creation of Owners' Charters and Family Constitutions, the facilitation of Family Council meetings and retreats, and the introduction or enhancement of Advisory Boards or legal Boards of Directors. In addition to his client work, Derrick coordinates Legasus Group's research and development efforts. He has shared the Legasus approach to the family business system in a number of public seminars, private workshops and published articles. Derrick's diverse background includes two years on Desmond Tutu's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a year teaching in a South African high school, and a year tutoring American Politics at Oxford University in England. He has a B.A. from Georgetown University and is currently completing his Ph.D. dissertation for Oxford University. Derrick can be reached at (316) 681-0444 or by e-mail at dnielsen@legasusgroup.com
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