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Randa Toubia
Randa Toubia is Corporate Chef of Latour Management. Randa is responsible for upholding the culinary standards at all of Latour's restaurants and contract locations. She is responsible for new product development and training to chefs throughout the company. As a certified nutritionist, Randa provides valuable nutritional information to Latour clients as well as incorporating healthy menu items at Piccadilly Grill, Chelsea's Bar & Grill and contract locations. As Latour provides food services to a number of local hospitals and medical facilities, Randa's experience and nutritional background are essential in menu development including customized menus for cardiac patients and diabetics. Randa received national recognition from the American Beef Council for her award winning Portuguese Pot Roast featured on the Piccadilly menu. She teaches a monthly cooking classes at Piccadilly Grill East and West. Randa's responsibilities require her to visit all Latour operations. She is based at Piccadilly Market & Grill East on Central and Rock Road. She encourages visits and questions from customers. You can contact her by phone at (316) 681-1100 or by e-mail at randa@latourusa.com.
Articles Written By Randa Toubia
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