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Jon Herrscher
Jon Herrscher has worked as an optician for nearly 30 years, beginning his career with a part time after school job in a Garden City Optometrist's basement lab where they literally made eyeglasses by hand using a glasscutter & cribber. In 1989, Jon left Kansas for Houston, Texas to teach young opticians the trade, returning to Wichita in 1996 to be closer to family. In August 2003 he purchased Myoptix Fashion Eyewear, an optical boutique, located at 4714 East Douglas in College Hill. Jon can be reached at (316) 651-0887.
Articles Written By Jon Herrscher
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Eyewear & Fashion 1st-September-2004 How can I update me?
Eyewear & Fashion 1st-August-2004 Eye exams for ‘back to school’
Eyewear & Fashion 1st-July-2004 What is Presbyopia?
Eyewear & Fashion 1st-June-2004 Eyeglasses a fashion trend?
Eyewear & Fashion 1st-May-2004 All about sunglasses
Eyewear & Fashion 1st-April-2004 What’s new in eyewear?
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