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Roselyn Schmidt
Roselyn Schmidt, R.N., partnering with husband Don and son Kent, designed, own, manage and operate Chaucer Estates, Retirement and Assisted Living. Since 1967, the Schmidt's have owned five nursing homes, managing and operating the facilities as a family. In 1986, they built Andover Health Care, and in 1995 became part owners of Park West in West Wichita, until the 1998 flood, leading them to create Chaucer Estates. Most recently, the Schmidt family has opened their newest retirement and assisted living facility in Overland Park, KS, "Rose Estates". Since 1955, Rose has enjoyed a vast nursing career, raised six children, and presently serves as Admissions, and oversees marketing at Chaucer Estates. You can reach Rose at (316) 630-8111, or visit Chaucer Estates at 10550 E. 21st North, in East Wichita.
Articles Written By Roselyn Schmidt
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