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Les Donovan
Les Donovan is the Republican Candidate for Kansas State Senator representing the 27th District, an office he has held since March of 1997. He was born in Wray, Colorado and lived on his granfather’s farm before moving to Texas. “The depression was a desperate time for most of America, as it was for my family. Growing up hungry and poor was way of life for our family and all those that we knew. School was a holiday experience from the hard labor of our farm and I cherished every moment. As the only one of five children that graduated from high school and went on to college, I appreciate education, and what it can do the the future of a child .” Les worked his way up in the automobile business, then managed a large Ford agency in Texas. It was then time to to buy his own company. His choice was Kansas. He and his wife Mary ‘Sissy’, and their children haven been in Wichita ever since. Les and Sissy have 6 grandchildren, all born and educated in Kansas. It is no wonder why the quality of schools, the opportunities to acquire a good job, and live in safety are of the utmost importance to him. Les likes to say, “I have lived the American dream, and I know it is real. It should be available to all.” You may contact Les by sending an e-mail to: donovan@senate.state.ks.us, or by calling (316) 722-2923.
Articles Written By Les Donovan
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State Senate 1st-October-2008 State Senate - 27th District
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