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James M Donnell MD
James M. Donnell M.D., FAAF (degree of Fellow awarded by the American Academy of Family Practice for distinguished service in the year 2000) is a charter member of the American Board of Family Practice; he trained in Internal Medicine and is board eligible in Occupational Medicine. He practiced medicine in Wichita for many years. Dr. Donnell’s experience in government began with the Wichita Board of Education #259 where he served for 11 years during the integration of the schools. He was the elected to the Wichita City Commission for two four year terms and was elected Mayor twice. He is running for the office of County Commission of the 1st District. When elected he plans to work with the other commissioners, the Sedgwick County Staff, the City of Wichita, and B.O.E. #259 to continue good government in the area. He will reduce waste, reduce duplication, and improve efficiency. Dr. Donnell enjoys travel, running, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, fishing and most outdoor sports as well as reading, writing, and painting. You may contact Mr. Donnell by e-mail: James.Donnell @sbcglobal.net or visit his web site at www.electjamesdonnellmd.com
Articles Written By James M Donnell MD
Sedgwick County 1st-October-2006 Key issues for 1st district office
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