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Todd Drew
odd Drew is the Manager of the Reverse Mortgage Division of Priority Mortgage. A native of Kansas, Todd grew up on a farm south of Great Bend and has worked within the retired community since 1989. Much of his sales career has been spent working with older Americans in Kansas and Oklahoma. He attributes his longevity in the industry to focusing on listening instead of selling, understanding the need first rather than just selling a product or service. With the Reverse Mortgage relatively new to Kansas, although it has been around since 1988, Todd emphasizes education should be at the forefront of any decision to purchase one. While there are hoards of telemarketers soliciting sales over the phone and through the mail, he offers a free consultation to homeowners so that they may get questions answered, gather information and determine eligibility. He adds, the children are welcome to attend this also as the decision to do a reverse mortgage is not just about today but tomorrow as well. The consultations are either in the home or in his office located at 900 N Tyler, Suite 12. You can reach him by phone at 721-7700 or through his e-mail, todd@prioritywichita.com. A reverse mortgage is not for everyone, but the education is.
Articles Written By Todd Drew
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