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Murl Webster
Murl Webster is the Administrator of Medicalodges in Goddard, KS. He can be reached at Medicalodges by calling 316-794-8635.
Articles Written By Murl Webster
Senior Living 1st-April-2011 Differences in types of residences
Senior Living 1st-March-2011 What is it like in a nursing home?
Senior Living 1st-January-2011 Not your Grandmother’s nursing home
Senior Living 1st-January-2011 How do I select a nursing home?
Senior Living 1st-December-2010 Medicare vs. Medicaid
Senior Living 1st-November-2010 Marlie
Senior Living 1st-October-2010 Nursing home surveys
Senior Living 1st-September-2010 How it got started
Senior Living 1st-August-2010 Successful hypnosis
Senior Living 1st-July-2010 Changing thoughts
Senior Living 1st-May-2010 Hypnosis for today
Senior Living 1st-May-2010 Brainwaves
Senior Living 1st-March-2010 How does hypnosis work?
Senior Living 1st-February-2010 What will happen with Medicaid cuts?
Senior Living 1st-February-2010 Long distance healing and the internet
Senior Living 1st-December-2009 Aren’t all hypnotic sessions the same?
Senior Living 1st-November-2009 The many uses of hypnosis
Senior Living 1st-October-2009 Definition of hypnotic regression
Senior Living 1st-September-2009 Differences in types of residences
Senior Living 1st-August-2009 Hypnosis in hospitals
Senior Living 31st-December-1969 Hypnosis and business
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