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Marvin Niedens
Marvin Niedens is owner of Texturite, LLC. He has been involved in every facet of the construction industry since his childhood when his father was a general contractor in the ‘50s and ‘60s. He enjoys working with his hands to create something people enjoy using, as well as being appealing to the eye. He also likes to work on projects often times neglected by others. Such was the case with ceilings and walls of residential and commercial structures. This is how his company, Texturite, came into existence. You may contact Marvin at 316-393-0836, or by e-mail at marv1096@msn.com.
Articles Written By Marvin Niedens
Home Improvement 1st-January-2011 Marv’s 3 to 1 & more home value tips (for the first article in this series, refer to Dec. ‘10 issue)
Home Improvement 1st-January-2011 Marv’s 3 to 1 & more home value tips (previous articles in this series, refer to Dec. ‘10 and Jan. ‘11 issues)
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Home Improvement 1st-June-2005 Choosing paint for vaulted ceilings
Home Improvement 1st-May-2005 The color of Tuscany
Home Improvement 1st-March-2005 Tuscany decor for modern homes?
Home Improvement 31st-December-1969 Where did the light go?
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