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Dr William Morland
Dr. William Morland graduated from Kansas State University in 1970 with a doctorate in veterinary medicine. He and his wife, Dr. Laura Morland, founded the hospital in 1974. Dr. Morland is a large-animal practitioner. He also owns the Flying M Ranch. He enjoys working with his own cattle and back grounding calves. His pets other than his cattle include two Cairn terrier named Bandit and Dandy.
Articles Written By Dr William Morland
Animals, Reptiles & Insects 1st-June-2013 What causes pinkeye in cattle?
Animals, Reptiles & Insects 1st-March-2013 What to expect in routine calving. When do I call the veterinarian?
Animals, Reptiles & Insects 1st-February-2013 What can a producer do to ensure that their calves this spring are immune to diseases?
Carpet, Tile & Floor Covering 1st-October-2012 Should I vaccinate for west nile?
Veterinary 2nd-July-2012 How can I prevent grass tetany in my cows this spring?
Veterinary 1st-March-2012 How young can you have pets spayed or neutered?
Veterinary 1st-February-2012 Winter cattle care
Veterinary 1st-July-2011 Equine herpes virus myeloencephalopathy
Veterinary 1st-June-2011 Vaccinations for calves
Veterinary 1st-February-2011 Trichomoniasis in cattle
Veterinary 1st-December-2010 Winter tips for cattle care
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