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Stephanie Webb
Stephanie Webb, for more information about Host Homes, or if you would like to become a Host Home provider, please contact Stephanie Webb, Community Relations Manager at Mosaic, either by email, Stephanie.Webb@Mosaicinfo.org or phone, 620-231-5590. Visit us online at; mosaicinsoutheastkansas.org.
Articles Written By Stephanie Webb
Community 1st-April-2013 How do I know if someone is ready for a group home?
Community 1st-March-2013 How do I encourage volunteers with disabilities?
Community 1st-January-2013 How can I set appropriate goals?
Adult Care 1st-December-2012 What ways can I include an adult with disabilities into the holidays?
Parenting 1st-November-2012 What can I do about bullying?
Community Events 1st-October-2012 Financial gifting for those who are disabled
Adult Care 1st-September-2012 When is it time to consider residental living?
Parenting 1st-August-2012 Where can I find resources for an adopted child?
Community Events 1st-June-2012 Employment for the developmentally disabled
Community Events 1st-May-2012 Resources for adopting a child
Community Events 1st-April-2012 Providing value in your community
Community Events 1st-March-2012 Explaining host homes
Community Events 1st-February-2012 What can I do to lower my tax burden?
Community Events 1st-January-2012 Financial gifting for those who are disabled
Community Events 1st-December-2011 Assisting with intellectual disabilities
Community Events 24th-October-2011 Support and helping others
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