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Dan Longan
Dan Longan is the co-owner/operator of Longans Garden Center located on North Broadway in Pittsburg. Longans Garden Center has a wide variety of Christmas Trees, christmas arrangements and decor. For more information email dlongan@sbcglobal.com or shopblossoms@gmail.com. or call 620-704-6008. 
Articles Written By Dan Longan
Lawn, Garden & Landscaping 1st-July-2013 What are steps to planting a flowerbed?
Lawn, Garden & Landscaping 1st-June-2013 What are the real advantages to companion gardening?
Flowers & Plants 1st-May-2013 Is pallet gardening worthwhile?
Flowers & Plants 1st-April-2013 Where should you plant a flower garden?
Home Furnishings 1st-December-2012 How can I decorate for a party simply and quickly?
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