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Tom Welk
Tom Welk DMin is Director of Pastoral Care & Professional Education at Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice. He also teaches at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita. He has certification with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors in Clinical Pastoral Education. His memberships include Park Ridge Center for Study of Health, Faith, and Ethics, and St. Louis University Center for Health Care Ethics, Charter Board Member Kansas Health Ethics, Inc., and Ethics Committee Member for National Hospice Organization. He has received the President's Award of Excellence for Public and Community Awareness, for the "Dying Well" project from The National Hospice Organization. Tom's group presentations include: Association of Kansas Hospices, Midwest Congress on Aging, and Kansas Health Ethics Conference. Tom Welk can be contacted by fax at (316) 265-6066, by e-mail at: twelk@hynesmemorial.org, or at his office at (316)219-1791.
Articles Written By Tom Welk
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Hospice 10th-October-2011 Referred to hospice
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Hospice 10th-October-2011 Is 'hospice' care free?
Religion 1st-October-2002 Spirituality vs. religion
Hospice 4th-November-2011 About Hospice Care
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