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Randy Hayes
Randy Hayes is the manager of Habitat's HomeMart located at Towne West in the old Office Depot location. Having been in the retail furniture business for 20 years, and having started both Home Accents and Cost Plus Furniture Warehouse, Randy jumped at the opportunity to further his career in the furniture industry while giving back to those in need. Habitat's HomeMart is a non-profit retail store with all profits going to building homes for Wichita Habitat Homes. Randy, an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, has two sons who he enjoys watching progress in their football careers in the Maize school district. You can reach Randy at (316) 943-6996 or email rrhayes@habhomemart.com
2004-02-01 09:19:00
Installing laminate flooring
ANSWER: Hundreds of people a year install laminate flooring themselves and save at least half of the cost by doing so. Installation is simple since it generally requires no clamping, glue or expensive professional tools. You can purchase an installation kit, which includes spacers, tamping-block, and pull-bar. You will need a saw, either jigsaw, table saw, or circular saw, a measuring tape, an undercut saw to allow the laminate under the door frames, and a hammer. Most homeowners have reported that they can install from150 to 300 square feet per day. Before beginning installation, prepare the room by removing all furniture. Cut door moldings to allow flooring to fit underneath and trim bottoms of doors if required. Sweep or vacuum the floor to ensure cleanliness and that it is level. In kitchens, remove kick boards, and remove skirting trim in other rooms if required. Measure the width of room. If the last panel to be laid is less than 2" wide, reduce the width of the first row of panels for a nicer finished appearance. Remove panels from box and carefully examine them for damage to tongues and grooves. Begin installation by laying panels parallel to incoming light or, in narrow rooms along the length of the room. If installing over existing hard flooring, ensure all areas are sound. Do not lay over existing soft floor coverings. If installing over a sub floor, the surface must be dry, clean and level. New concrete floors should be allowed at least 8 weeks to dry before beginning installation.Follow the manufacturers directions throughout the installation process and upon completion of your new laminated floor, avoid walking on it for at least 24-hours.Regularly vacuum or sweep your floor for general cleaning. Wipe your floor occasionally with a damp cloth mop. Frequent cleaning with water is unnecessary. To remove heavier spots or stains, apply a cleaner especially formulated for varnished hardwood floors. Avoid applying soap-based detergents or wax-based products to your laminate floor as these may leave a dull finish on your floor.
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