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Wes Grimes
Wes Grimes is President and Owner of The Tire Store at 1458 S. Broadway. The Tire Store specializes in tires, wheels and accessories, as well as service, for all types of vehicles. Wes’s father, Dennis, opened The Tire Store in 1977. Wes began working for his father sweeping floors and stocking merchandise in 1987. Later he became shop foreman and in charge of outside sales. He purchased the store from his father in May of 2000. Wes’s hobbies include water-skiing, snow-skiing, mountain biking, horse-back riding, camping, fishing, traveling, and being outdoors in the mountains or at a quiet lakeside getaway. You may contact Wes at the store at 267-4381 or by e-mail at wes@tirestoreinc.kscoxmail.com
Cars, Trucks, Vans & Automotive
2004-03-01 14:01:00
What’s up with this brake dust?
ANSWER:  Brake dust comes from wear and tear on your brake pads, caused by normal everyday use. If your vehicle has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, you might want to make sure your rears are adjusted correctly for optimum brake power. If the rear drum brakes are out of adjustment, and not working correctly, that can cause more stress and wear on the front disc brakes causing them to work harder and wear out faster. In such, causing more brake dust on your front wheels. Organic and semi-metallic pads don't make as much dust as metallic pads, but usually don't last as long. Vehicles with 4-wheel disc brakes don't dust as much because the rear disc brakes are designed to stay in adjustment better, requiring less maintenance. Using your parking brake when you park your car (mostly 90's and newer) actually adjusts your rear brakes and helps keep them in adjustment. If you seem to go through three to four front brake jobs to one rear brake job, you are either getting really cheap front pads or your rear brakes are not working properly and should be serviced.
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