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Craig D Miller
Craig D. Miller oversees the daily operation of Miller Dry Cleaner's six Wichita locations. Miller's has been family owned and operated for 27 years. Leading the second generation of Miller ownership, Craig has been involved in the family business for 15 years, since the age of 14. Craig is a Friends University grad, and is married to Shellie, a schoolteacher. Craig can be reached at (316) 942-5180.
Dry Cleaning
2004-04-01 13:37:00
Storing suede & leather garments
ANSWER:  This is very important since leather and/or suede garments are more than an article of clothing, they are an investment. When you purchase an item like this you intend to have it for many years to come and with that, you want it looking great year after year!First of all, read your accompanying care instructions and save them for future reference! When you take your garment to the cleaners make sure they are equipped to remove any spots or stains you may have on the item before you leave it, (If you don't tell them, they don't know). Never try to remove spots or stains yourself…this may discolor or seriously damage the leather/suede. If there are any questions about the ability to clean the garment the cleaner may ask you to sign a consent form before cleaning. Here are a few things you can expect after having your item cleaned:• Loss of color- Be prepared for a slight variance in the depth of color after cleaning. Have matching pieces cleaned at the same time.• Loss of Oils- During the cleaning process, some of the oils used in the tanning process to keep leather supple may be lost. A professional cleaner has special additives to restore suppleness, but there still may be some change in the feel of the garment.• Texture and shading changes- If textures have been mixed and matched by the manufacturer this may become more apparent after cleaning.Once the garment has been cleaned here are a few tips for storage:• Keep the garment in a cool, dry place. • Leather can dry out if exposed to dry heat or mildew if stored in a hot, humid environment.• Do not store leather/suede in a plastic bag.• If the garment does get wet, allow it to air-dry away from heat.Keep in mind; leather is an heirloom, one that can be passed down for years to come. If it is cared for properly now, it will have lasting affects for generations.
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