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Brad Train
rad Train is the General Manager overseeing day-to-day operations of Saturn West & Saturn East for the owner Scott Davies. He joined the Wichita Saturn team in 1994 as a Sales Consultant, after 3 years he entered the Saturn Management Team. Brad is a graduate of Southeast High and Butler Community College. He and his wife Michelle have 3 children; Shelby, Andrew and Jacob. You can contact Brad at (316)219-5500, or by e-mail at bradtrain@saturnwichita.com
Cars, Trucks, Vans & Automotive
2004-05-01 11:35:00
How do you know if it’s damaged?
ANSWER:  When buying a used vehicle the main focus should not only be on the best possible price but also the most mechanically sound vehicle for your money. Whether it is a new or used vehicle you will eventually have some type of repairs even if it is a well-maintained vehicle these expenses should be minimal. A vehicle is the second largest investment (next to a home) one makes and you expect to get the most from it. When purchasing a used vehicle don't be afraid to get down and dirty to find signs of previous damage repair.Do a walk around, and focus on the little things. Does the paint match exactly from one piece to the next? A car that has been repainted (not just a touch up) will have a slightly different color on one area than another. Example: If the front passenger-side quarter panel has been repainted or replaced, then over time you will see the slight color difference between it and the passenger door.If you have a feeling that something has been replaced or repaired Dig Deeper! For instance the front quarter panel, look underneath at the wheel well. Does it look new or newer than the opposite side? What about the tires, is one worn differently than the other? Is one new? This applies to all areas of the vehicle; both sides should match (for the most part). If something throws a red flag, keep looking! Another way to check for "new paint" is to look under the hood. If a front fender has been repainted you will be able to feel a line along the inner edge where the hood meets the fender. This is caused from the tape that is used to cover areas not needing to be painted. It is usually unavoidable. If you feel it has had new paint, do some more digging! Check for texture changes in the body. It should be smooth and consistent. Bodywork can change the ‘flow’ of the paint and cause the texture to look and feel different  because of the technique used to repair body damage.  If you suspect previous repairs, have your dealer or personal mechanic put it on a lift so you can get a good look at the underbody. Is the frame bent? Has it been repaired because it was bent? This may be a future problem if not repaired correctly. Consumers are protected under state law from buying a vehicle (at a dealership) that has been totaled or has a "Salvaged" or "Off Road" title. The same protections do not apply to individuals selling to individuals- Buyer Beware!The Internet is a wonderful tool when shopping for a used vehicle. Always request a Carfax report on the vehicle or check it yourself @ http://www.carfax.com/. There are different levels of this report: 1) Is free and gives you the bare basics 2) Requires a payment but gives you a little more detail about the history; tampering with the odometer, has it been rolled back (illegal) or has it rolled over (21,000 is actually 121,000)?3) Again, this one has a charge but it will provide a full history on the vehicle including whether or not it has been stolen or involved in a major accident.These are just a few tips of advice for your big purchase. Don't let this information intimidate you as a car buyer, allow it to make you an informed and educated buyer!
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