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Rollin Karg
Rollin Karg is the owner/artist of Karg's Art Glass. He studied hot glass at Emporia State University, commuting from Wichita while building his first furnace. He originally came to Wichita to attend WSU on a football scholarship. His birthplace was Columbus, Ohio but he was raised in Miami, Florida. Many changes have taken place in his artistic direction since he came to Wichita over thirty years ago. Witness the magic of Rollin's glassblowing first hand by visiting the new home of the studio/gallery located at 111 North Oliver in Kechi (near Hwy 254 and I-35). You can reach them by phone at (316) 744-2442.
Art & Collectibles
2004-05-01 15:47:00
What is Dichoric Glass?
ANSWER:  Dichoric Glass is a glass that has been coated with thin layers of different metals. Some of the metals used are silicon, titanium, chromium, aluminum and zirconium. The process to make dichoric glass starts with the manufacturer coating the glass with approximately 20-50 layers of these metals with a process called thin filming. The film is approximately 3-5 millionths of an inch thick. A piece of aluminum foil is 50 times thicker than the film on dichoric glass. Because the metals are so thin on the glass, certain wavelengths of light will be reflected. The light rays that do get through will pick up the color characteristics of the metal formation. The reason glass changes color when viewed from different angles has to do with the laws of refraction:Refraction causes the light to bend when it passes from a substance of one density into a substance of a different density. The bending occurs because the speed in which light travels through a substance depends on the objects density. In air, light travels at about 186,000 miles per second but in glass it travels at about 124,000 miles per second.Dichoric glass comes in various colors and textures. The colors used most often are red, magenta, yellow, green, cyan and blue. The following will explain the different colors and how they will reflect:
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