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Susan Friend
Susan Friend is Owner/Operator of Between Friends, a specialty gift boutique for 4 years. After graduating from WSU with a major in Sociology, Susan worked for Senior Services in Wichita with the Meals on Wheels program. Susan and her husband, Jason Stuhlsatz share their home with their "kids", two Collies; Jenny Lee and Cleo. You can contact Susan @ (316) 685-2240 or @ 8336 E 21st St. Siute 600.
Specialty Gifts
2004-05-01 17:17:00
What is the ‘Red Hat’ society?
ANSWER:  The Red Hat Society is a group that was begun by a California woman named Sue Ellen Cooper, and a few friends who took inspiration from a popular poem entitled "Warning" by Jenny Joseph. The poem begins, "When I am an old woman…" Since the poem mentions wearing a red hat and purple attire, she and her friends formed a group that met on a regular basis for tea in their red hats and purple dresses. The Red Hat Society is a "nurturing network" for women over 50. Its goal is to gain higher visibility for women within the age group and to reshape the way they are viewed by today's culture. The group's mascot, "Ruby RedHat”, is an example of the Red Hat Society's spirit; fun, playful, intelligent and sassy!Although there are no official rules within the organization, they do have some rather strong suggestions, the first of which is regarding red hat attire. To be a Red Hatter, one should wear a red hat and a clashing purple ensemble at all meetings to keep up the spirit and purpose of the organization, sometimes referred to as the (dis)organization. Women under 50 must stick with a pink hat and lavender attire until reaching the 50-year mark, referred to as THE BIRTHDAY. It adds an element of fun to the process of aging, which is invaluable to women in today's society, who have learned to dread aging and avoid it at all costs. Red Hatters believe that aging should be something anticipated with excitement, not something to dread.For those who have shouldered various responsibilities at home and in the community their whole lives, The Red Hat Society is an opportunity to say goodbye to burdensome responsibilities. The only real responsibility of the group's members is to have fun! The lyrics of their theme song puts it rather bluntly, "All my life, I've done for you. Now it's my turn to do for me."Mother's Day is May 9th. Instead of flowers that will fade, or candy that lands on the hips, present your mom with a Red Hat and tell her how much she's taught you.
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