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Dick and Doris Kelsey
Dick and Doris Kelsey own and operate The Red Barn, as well as the King's Camp and King's Achievement Center located next to Lake Afton. Dick has been a public speaker for 25 years and has led statewide organizations for 15 years. He has planned and executed hundreds of business conferences and meetings. Dick and Doris can be reached by phone at (316) 794-3320, or you can send an email to: contactus@meetatthebarn.com, or visit them at The Red Barn located on MacArthur Road next to Lake Afton.
Management & Training
2004-06-01 08:57:00
How does one train a leader?
ANSWER: Everything rises and falls on leadership. This truth applies to all organizations and companies. Effective leadership is learned. Every leader must be trained in their area of responsibility. How does an organization plan effective leadership training?First, the person planning the leadership training must have a clear view of what he or she wants to accomplish. Are you trying to improve specific skills or are you trying to develop greater teamwork? Your goal will determine who attends the training. The goal will also determine the facilitator. Write out your goal for the training. Be sure it is precise, achievable and compatible with the overall goals of your organization.  Second, determine where and when the training will take place. Any training that will exceed more than a couple of hours is usually done more effectively if it is off premise from where everyone normally works. This eliminates the possibility of interruptions, people leaving the training to "take care of someone who came in", and helps the participants to focus on the training at hand. An informal setting will allow your employees to be more relaxed and respond better to the training.Third, choose the facilitator(s) carefully. Make sure the person is not only knowledgeable in the field but can keep the interest of your employees. If the training is more than a few hours long, have more than one presenter. You can combine in-house presenters with outside speakers. Variety will help hold the interest of your employees.   Fourth, vary the pace of your meeting. All lectures will tend to make for a dull meeting regardless how good the presenter may be. Outdoor activities, such as a ropes challenge course, can add a very different dimension to your training experience. Brain storming groups, feed back sessions, and morale boosting prizes can all add to the variety of your training session.  Finally, we must accept the fact that most people do not look forward to training meetings. The idea of sitting in a room for a long period of time is not appealing. Thus, be creative. Look for a different place to go. If it is all day training, be sure to provide a nice lunch. Have adequate breaks. (You don't want the smokers having nicotine fits sitting through 4 hours of straight meeting). Training can be a very positive experience if you make it such. Be sure to have an evaluation process so you can make improvements for the next training session. Give certificates for attendance and completion of that particular training. Plan for good things to happen as a result of your training and they will.
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