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Roger Stitt
Roger Stitt is the owner/operator of Rainbow Play Systems located at 502 W Lincoln in Wichita. He has been involved in children's play equipment for 8 years. With quality always being his top priority, Roger takes pride in his products. You can reach Roger at (316) 264-4411 or swing in and play!
Playground Safety
2004-06-01 12:04:00
How big is too big?
ANSWER:  A play system can be an investment just as any other addition to your home's landscape. First, you are headed in the right direction by asking for help in making your decision. A 'knowledgeable consumer' is less likely to regret the decision he/she makes. The "manly playground" as you've referred to it, may be the best decision as long as you plan to maintain it as they grow. Many play systems are built to allow your children to grow into them not out of them! Besides, keeping our landfills clean of broken down, rusty play sets can be another investment in your child's future.Let's talk about the frame of your new play system. By choosing a heavy-duty frame, it should last long after your children have grown. Choose a play system that is made from untreated; cedar or redwood. This will reduce the risk of rotting wood or the wood being destroyed by bugs. Cedar and redwood are slow to rot and bug resistant (bugs do not like the smell of it). Also, untreated wood will reduce the risk of children getting splinters that may become infected from the chemicals used to treat the wood. All you will need to do to maintain your play system is apply a water sealant periodically to prevent the wood from warping. After the children have grown and gone, you can enjoy your frame with a porch swing… until the grandchildren arrive that is!Accessories for your play frame are items that may be purchased as your growing children's needs change. Start with the items that fit the age of your children now. Then, as they grow out of the toddler-staged equipment, they can progress to "big kids" accessories. Not only is this extremely cost effective, but also helps avoid the risk of children attempting to play on a piece of equipment that is not suitable for their age group. When shopping for new accessories, find a company that has units set up and ready for kids. Sit back and watch your children's imagination go to work. What you may think is 'cool', may not be the piece that will hold their attention. Don't worry though; this is just a learning process to prepare you for when they become teenagers!
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