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Darla Garcia
Darla Garcia is a stylist with Salon 343 in Wichita. She is dedicated to providing her clients with the most up-to-date information and latest looks with hair, make-up and skin services. After graduating from Xenon Int'l. School of Hair Design in 1996 Darla went on to provide her services at some of the top salons in Wichita. Now that she has made a home with Salon 343 she is conveniently located at Kellogg and Greenwich. You can reach Darla or any of the Salon 343 team at (316) 688-0343 or stop by and see for yourself at 343 S. Greenwich Rd, Wichita.
Beauty & Fashion
2004-06-01 12:23:00
How do I prevent 'green' hair?
ANSWER:  Green hair appears every summer. No longer blamed entirely on backyard or public pools, with spas and Jacuzzi's becoming popular it is starting to be a year round event. The green color is most noticeable in blonde hair although it can coat and damage any hair type. Most people assume it is from the chlorine used to purify the water in pools and spas. Chlorine itself is colorless, but greenish compounds form in the pool or spa environment and are readily absorbed by porous hair strands. To remove it from the hair you will need to use professional hair products that are made for this purpose. Your hairdresser can recommend some chelating and clarifying shampoos. In unusually difficult cases, where the hair is extremely porous (such as bleached hair) your hairdresser may need to apply a color stripper chemical treatment. To prevent it's reoccurrence, you have to keep your hair out of the pool! If that isn't possible then you can minimize the hair's porosity by wetting the hair thoroughly before entering the pool. Shop for fun latex swimming caps. Accessorize with treasures found at your favorite hobby store and hot-glue or sew onto the cap. Or, paint with waterproof colors for your very own designer cap. After swimming, shampoo your hair as soon as possible. This will stop the action of the damaging greenish compounds and remove the residue from your hair. Follow-up with a good moisturizer to close the cuticle (outside layer) down, which will protect the needed moisture. A good leave-in conditioner before swimming may help too.
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