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Dick and Doris Kelsey
Dick and Doris Kelsey own and operate The Red Barn, as well as the King's Camp and King's Achievement Center located next to Lake Afton. Dick has been a public speaker for 25 years and has led statewide organizations for 15 years. He has planned and executed hundreds of business conferences and meetings. Dick and Doris can be reached by phone at (316) 794-3320, or you can send an email to: contactus@meetatthebarn.com, or visit them at The Red Barn located on MacArthur Road next to Lake Afton.
Management & Training
2004-07-01 09:50:00
It can be most healthy
ANSWER:  A physically challenging team-training program can do a great deal to create team spirit with your employees. It can expand peoples view of what they can achieve, and to help them to believe in themselves and others. Does jumping from a platform 40 feet in the air trying to catch a trapeze bar sound like a fun corporate challenge? It can be! There are over 1000 ropes/challenge courses in the United States. Each course is designed with various "elements" that provide different challenges for both individuals and groups. When researching challenge courses, look for those that offer programs personally designed for individual groups depending on the needs and desires of the group's leader. Effective programs usually involve a full day. Make sure there are trained facilitators available to insure safety and maximum benefit from the program run ropes courses. Safety is always number one. All harnesses should be checked and rechecked. Ropes should be inspected before every use. Serious attention to detail is a part of every good ropes course program.   The most effective courses use the term "challenge by choice". No one is pressured to do something that they do not feel comfortable in doing. People need to learn to say no and feel comfortable with their choice. They do not need to yield to "peer pressure".  What will you gain from this kind of training?  First your people will improve their skills in communication. Do we really understand what others are saying? Secondly, improved teamwork will become evident with your employees. For many of the challenges people must work together. Third, people will expand their belief in themselves. They will do things they never thought they could. Hopefully this will carry over in the work place.  Fourth, they will have fun. We ought to enjoy our work and ideally, we should enjoy working with our fellow employees. A good ropes/challenge course will give you new and greater appreciation for each other.
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