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Brad Train
rad Train is the General Manager overseeing day-to-day operations of Saturn West & Saturn East for the owner Scott Davies. He joined the Wichita Saturn team in 1994 as a Sales Consultant, after 3 years he entered the Saturn Management Team. Brad is a graduate of Southeast High and Butler Community College. He and his wife Michelle have 3 children; Shelby, Andrew and Jacob. You can contact Brad at (316)219-5500, or by e-mail at bradtrain@saturnwichita.com
Cars, Trucks, Vans & Automotive
2004-08-01 08:22:00
Would you pay to listen to Radio?
ANSWER:  I know. I've heard it many times concerning Satellite Radio, " Pay to listen to radio? That's crazy! Why should I pay for something that's free?" A good question, to which I can supply a good answer: Cable TV. When cable first hit the market, people squawked, "Cable Television? You want me to pay to watch TV? TV is free!" Look how far we've comeā€¦do you know anybody that does not have Cable now? Those people are few and far between.Let's talk about Satellite Radio. Imagine traveling in your vehicle coast to coast, and never having to search for a radio station! Once you listen to satellite radio, you may never again want to listen to standard AM/FM radio and its commercial advertisements. Satellite Radio delivers continuous, digital quality music plus a stream of popular talk radio shows, news, and sports events from around the country. A process, called "digital multiplexing" produces a rich, clear sound that gives you the effect of being 'in studio'. And, the radio display shows the artist and title, so you always know who and what is playing on your stereo.Satellite Radio will spoil you! You can listen to a wide range of music from rock to rap and everything in between. If you enjoy talk radio, Satellite Radio delivers up to 40 streams of exclusive, original content talk shows from around the country, as well as news from sources like CNN and BBC, and live sporting events from the NBA and NHL. There are three components that you must have to successfully have Satellite Radio; an antenna to get the signal, a tuner to recognize the signal and send it to your deck, and a deck to send out the sound. Your deck must be compatible with Satellite Radio and sometimes a specific brand. If it's not compatible, you will have to get a display unit, or a deck that is Satellite Radio ready. These can be purchased at most consumer electronics stores or can be an added feature to many new cars.As it stands right now, there are two Satellite Radio providers, XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. Both companies are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange (XMSR and SIRI are their ticker symbols respectively). Both companies transmit their own nationwide, digital quality radio channels. XM claims that it is a better value because it is about $10 per month while Sirius charges about $13 a month. Sirius claims that it is the better value because all 60 of its music channels are 100 percent commercial free, 35 of XM's 70 music channels are commercial free. Both companies are very proud of their programming and have made pledges to their customers to keep improving the content to meet their demands. Don't get hung up on the idea of paying for radio, I think you will find Satellite Radio will soon become as indispensable as Cable TV.
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