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Wes Grimes
Wes Grimes is President and Owner of The Tire Store at 1458 S. Broadway. The Tire Store specializes in tires, wheels and accessories, as well as service, for all types of vehicles. Wes’s father, Dennis, opened The Tire Store in 1977. Wes began working for his father sweeping floors and stocking merchandise in 1987. Later he became shop foreman and in charge of outside sales. He purchased the store from his father in May of 2000. Wes’s hobbies include water-skiing, snow-skiing, mountain biking, horse-back riding, camping, fishing, traveling, and being outdoors in the mountains or at a quiet lakeside getaway. You may contact Wes at the store at 267-4381 or by e-mail at wes@tirestoreinc.kscoxmail.com
Cars, Trucks, Vans & Automotive
2005-01-01 08:51:00
More on boomer buying...
ANSWER: The baby boomer generation grew up loving their muscle cars. In fact, many of them never stopped lusting after power under the hood and then attempted to raise their children with the same passion for performance. Well, the muscle car is back in a brand new suit. The reintroduction of the muscle car brings with it a new wave of accessorization, personalization and modification. Muscle cars and the aftermarket are a natural fit. Muscle car owners give their love and attention to the vehicles they own and the aftermarket industry benefits. Their affordability makes them accessible to more enthusiasts and allows budget left over for aftermarket parts and accessories. The new 2005 Ford Mustang is one example of the synergy between muscle cars and the aftermarket, recently winning awards for most accessory-friendly vehicle. Other contemporary muscle car examples include the Chrysler 300C, Dodge Magnum and Corvette C6. The 2005 Mustang has hundreds of compatible exhibiting aftermarket parts and accessories just waiting to be bought by Mustang enthusiasts. Research shows that 30 percent of all Mustang owners will modify their cars with wheels, accessories or performance items.The off-road, mobile electronic, and performance tires and wheels products are also responsible for the growing aftermarket industry. Baby boomers want to be defined by their attitude, activities and life accomplishments. Instead of age defining them, baby boomers are redefining age. This is the first generation in American history that's fighting the battle of growing old. Boomers have always seen themselves as younger than their chronological age and always younger and hipper than their more conventional parents. As parents, boomers helped to create the minivan and SUV markets. Now they are starting to empty nest. Their kids are off at college and they are beginning to make decisions based on their needs. Everybody knows baby boomers don't want station wagons, because the wagon reminds them of their totally unhip parents. But, studies have found that younger consumers are neutral on wagons, partially because they have never seen any.
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