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Monica Schlegel
Monica Schlegel is the owner of Monica's Bundt Cake Co. She arrived in Wichita in July 2004 with a newly earned degree in Health Care Administration, a Registered Nurse background, and eight years of experience in public transit. However, after reading about the Wichitans' throbbing sweet tooth, Monica decided to put her health care career on hold to launch a specialty cake shop using her lifelong recipe box. Monica's Bundt Cake Co., located in the Normandy Shopping Center, will satisfy everyone's cravings for a great tasting cake with exceptional eye appeal. At Monica's you'll find a 'Party on Every Plate' and a Bundt Cake for All Occasions. You may contact Monica at 655-6091.
Candy, Chocolate & Sweets
2005-04-01 09:21:00
What is proper party etiquette
ANSWER:  People seem to be busier than ever with children, work, and family events. Special occasion parties and holiday events do tend to get scheduled far in advance. I suppose it is still considered etiquette to send invitations two weeks in advance, but if you are following this practice and still having trouble with attendance, maybe you should try another tactic… Have a party for "no" occasion! Some examples may include: a long-lost friend calls and wants to come visit you; someone gets a raise or promotion; or your child gets a good grade. You can also have a party for no reason--just the fact that you all get together is reason enough. Here are some tips for pulling together a last-minute, no stress, no occasion party:• Most guests ask if they can bring something when you call to invite them. Have a list ready of things you need, and if they ask, assign them an item to bring.• When guests arrive early and offer to help, let them! Have them do things such as light candles, set out the food or hang streamers.• Use a roll of wrapping paper as a table runner.• Save the comic section from the Sunday paper and make colorful confetti or streamers out of it.• When cooking something for a spur-of-the-moment party, make something fast and easy like tortilla or pita pizzas. Put out a variety of ingredients you may already have, such as cheese, veggies or meats of your choice. Have each guest spread spaghetti sauce on the tortilla or pita, put on the toppings of your choice and broil it for a couple of minutes.• Here's another simple snack idea: Mix equal parts mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese, and spread it on white bread. Place it under the broiler, and you have a tasty snack everyone can enjoy. The idea is to spend time with family and friends, not to make work for you.Put on some music or immerse yourself into great conversation. Just enjoy sharing time with family and friends on the spur of the moment.
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