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Monica Schlegel
Monica Schlegel is the owner of Monica's Bundt Cake Co. She arrived in Wichita in July 2004 with a newly earned degree in Health Care Administration, a Registered Nurse background, and eight years of experience in public transit. However, after reading about the Wichitans' throbbing sweet tooth, Monica decided to put her health care career on hold to launch a specialty cake shop using her lifelong recipe box. Monica's Bundt Cake Co., located in the Normandy Shopping Center, will satisfy everyone's cravings for a great tasting cake with exceptional eye appeal. At Monica's you'll find a 'Party on Every Plate' and a Bundt Cake for All Occasions. You may contact Monica at 655-6091.
Candy, Chocolate & Sweets
2005-05-01 09:03:00
Cake for a gathering of people
ANSWER: H. David Dalquist designed and created the aluminum Bundt pan in 1950 at the request of members of the Minneapolis Chapter of the Hadassah Society, a Jewish volunteer organization. The Hadassah women were in the midst of learning how to prepare a "light and fluffy" sponge cake when a fellow member decided that she wanted to bake the heavier cakes she remembered from her native Germany. She knew that it took a heavy pan to turn out heavy cakes, but no such pans were to be found in the United States. They had old ceramic cake pans of somewhat similar design but wanted an aluminum pan. Dalquist created a new shape and added regular folds to make it easier to cut the cake. The cake pan became the top-selling cake pan in the world, selling more than 50 million under Dalquist's Nordic Ware company name. They called the pans 'bund pans' as the German word 'bund' loosely translated means "a gathering of people." Unfortunately, 'Bund' was also the name of a German American group in the 1930s that was pro-Hitler. So Dalquist added a 't' on the end of 'bund' and trademarked the name.However, the success of the Bundt pan was not immediate. For years, the company sold very few pans. In 1966, a Texas woman won second place in the Pillsbury Bake-Off for her Tunnel of Fudge Cake made in a Bundt pan. The win prompted nationwide attention for the pan, which currently sells more than one million a year.Although best known for his Bundt pan, Dalquist is also responsible for pioneering the glass carousel that rotates in the microwave. H. David Dalquist died just this past January 2005 of heart failure. He was 86.
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