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Monica Schlegel
Monica Schlegel is the owner of Monica's Bundt Cake Co. She arrived in Wichita in July 2004 with a newly earned degree in Health Care Administration, a Registered Nurse background, and eight years of experience in public transit. However, after reading about the Wichitans' throbbing sweet tooth, Monica decided to put her health care career on hold to launch a specialty cake shop using her lifelong recipe box. Monica's Bundt Cake Co., located in the Normandy Shopping Center, will satisfy everyone's cravings for a great tasting cake with exceptional eye appeal. At Monica's you'll find a 'Party on Every Plate' and a Bundt Cake for All Occasions. You may contact Monica at 655-6091.
Candy, Chocolate & Sweets
2005-06-01 10:48:00
Kitchen have-to-have gifts for newlywed
ANSWER: I'm glad to hear that your gift idea encourages baking. As busy as we all are, home baking is becoming a lost art. Whether your sister is new to baking or just wants to be prepared for the fine art of baking, here is a list of the necessary equipment. This is the perfect shopping list. Keep in mind that these are once in a lifetime purchases, buy quality.1)  Measuring Spoon SetEvery cook, especially bakers, needs a complete set of dishwasher safe measuring spoons.2) Measuring CupsBaking is an exact science. Measuring cups are very important to every level baker.3) Deep Mixing Bowl SetNot only are these deep bowls, but they have rolled lips as well. Deep mixing bowls with rolled lips (edges) make it easier for pouring. Stainless steel bowls last for a lifetime.4) Wire WhiskYou just can't efficiently stir sauces without a wire whisk.5) Bakeware SetYou can't bake without bakeware. Choose bakeware that is sturdy. Aluminum provides for even heating, which offers better baking results. They are also nonstick.6) Rubber SpatulasYou can never have too many rubber spatulas in all sizes. The spoon-shaped spatula is perfect when removing cake batter from a bowl.7) Cooling RackNot only is it good for cooling baked goods, but it can be used as a roasting rack too.8) ApronsWhen I bake, I can get really messy. Aprons are always a good investment.9) Oven MittsSome people are pot holder people and some people are oven mitt people. If you always seem to burn yourself with a pot holder, try mitts.
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