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Michael Wayne Strom
Michael Wayne Strom has been doing picture taking and sound recording ever since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Now capturing and preserving people's memories as a profession, he is deeply involved in all areas of photography, videography and audio technologies. Michael has produced many "how-to" videos on such topics as "Advanced Home-Movie Making", "Creating your own Family Video Album", "Producing and Selling Your Own How-To Video" and also conducts workshops and seminars for the "Do it Yourselfer"! Michael will be happy to answer any questions. Call him at AVP Multimedia, (316) 618-6000 or visit the AVP website at: www.avp-multimedia.com
2005-08-01 08:54:00
What exactly is ‘multi-media’?
ANSWER:      If you check Webster,’s  Dictionary, Multimedia is the art of: using, involving, or encompassing several media <photo, video, and audio>: using or composed of more than one form of communication or expression <a multimedia exhibit of photographs, films, and music>.In today's world of modern electronics and computers, we are seeing an increased interest and use of still and motion camera picture and video taping, as well as sound recording. Times have changed since Grandma would pull out the old Kodak Brownie photographic camera or Grandpa with his filming home movies and travels on little 3 & 1/2 minute movie reels.Today, it seems as though most everyone owns a camera of one sort or another, whether it still be of film or one of the new digital types that have become very affordable and popular. And, today you don't need to haul that bulky old phonograph and all of your record collection over to your friends' house to listen to music. Instead, you can carry most of the music you want on just a few compact discs (CDs) in a convenient little carry-all because more than likely, your friend will have their own CD player.Yes, times have changed since the days of pulling out that old movie projector with all of its noise and clunkiness, the broken film leads and chewed out sprocket holes. Not to mention buying a replacement bulb for one of those old units. Some of those bulbs, which only last a few hours anyway, can cost anywhere from $35 to $75, if you can find them. And how about that screen you always had a hard time finding a spot to set-up so that everyone could see clearly? For most people, the answer to all of their multimedia problems is in... transfers. Gather up all of those precious pictures, movie reels, records and audio tape, and have them digitally restored and mastered on to DVD or CD. You can either do this yourself or have it done by an expert. Either way, you can get all of that bulk neatly compressed on to one of these affordable discs and be able to not only enjoy them on your computer or player, but make copies of them to share with friends or family. Time was, when only one person was "keeper of the flame", and Heaven forbid something should happen to those priceless memories. Now everyone can have their own set of memories, beautifully restored and preserved, and the ability to pass them on to the next generation. If something should happen to one set, simply make another set of copies and voila!  For more exciting multimedia projects and ideas watch for next month's informative article.
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