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Melody Fry
Melody Fry and her husband Mike, own Furniture Repair by Fry’s and specialize in repair and restoration of furniture and other wood products. They offer a full range of services from on-site repair of nicks and scratches to complete rebuilding and re-finishing at their shop in Newton, KS. Both Melody and Mike are lifetime residents of the area and have spent their careers in customer service and sales. You can contact them toll free at (877) 283-7655 or e-mail at fryswoodrestoration@cox.net.
2006-03-01 08:45:00
Keeping your furniture shining
Answer:There is probably nothing really wrong with the furniture or the polish; it just has a case of build up.  Repeated polishing can leave behind buildup that dulls the finish over time.  So, how can you find the shine again?Here are some suggestions for restoring that glow. First check the finish on the furniture to be sure that it isn’t cracking or peeling. Then:• Clean your furniture with a solution of warm water and a mild detergent.• Squeeze excess water from a soft cloth and rub down the piece.• Follow immediately with a dry soft cloth.• Wipe the piece completely dry before applying a fresh coat of furniture wax.• Apply the wax with a soft cotton cloth – baby diapers are perfect for this task.You’ll see a warm satin glow without the sticky texture.If, after this clean up project, you still feel your furniture needs more attention you should consult an expert in wood finishes before trying something harsher.  Different finishes respond to various chemical cleaners in different ways and the wrong combination can do serious damage to a finish. 
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