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Brent Boyd
Brent Boyd is the Manager for the Love Box Factory Outlet on East Central in Wichita. The Love Box Factory Outlets have been in the box, pack, and ship business for over ten years and currently operate six retail stores in Kansas and Oklahoma. The Outlet Stores are owned and supplied by Love Box Company (www.lovebox.com), a locally owned manufacturer of corrugated boxes and packaging systems in Wichita for over 70 years. You may contact Brent at the Love Box Factory Outlet at 6100 E. Central in Wichita. The phone number is (316) 689-8484 and the store's email address is FOEast@lovebox.com
Packing, Shipping & Mailing
2002-03-01 11:43:00
Taking a large gift on the plane?
Answer:  The answer depends on several factors.  Either way has advantages and disadvantages. If the gift is in a box that exceeds 62 linear inches (length plus width plus depth) or 70 pounds, it is too big for most airlines and will have to shipped (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.).  If the box is small and light enough, the cost to take it on board or check it at the counter will be less than shipping it.  This is only if you do not exceed three bags per person, otherwise it will cost you between $75-80 per additional box or baggage depending on which airline you fly with.  This is much more than the $20-35 average price for shipping a large package out of state.  However, your package will travel by air and arrive with you. The $25-35 average cost to ship is by land and will take 2-4 days to arrive. The other consideration is the logistics.  If you do not want to carry the package yourself in long security lines then by all means send it ahead and let others do the handling.Another factor to keep in mind is how much is your time worth?  Because of the heightened security measures, most airlines require you to show them the contents of your baggage.  Taking it on board or checking it with your other baggage will increase your wait time at the airport.  The alternative is to ship it in advance of your flight, which gives you the convenience of letting someone else deliver the package for you.Insurability is yet another consideration.  There are certain items the airlines won't insure, such as electronic equipment and jewelry.  You would have to ask your specific airline for a more detailed listing.  The list of items that carriers such as UPS and FedEx won't insure is considerably less.  Contact your local "pack and ship" store for more information.Question:  Which way is the safest way to send it?Answer:  First of all the gift will obviously have to be adequately packaged and boxed.  UPS and FedEx both require 2" or more of packaging around your items to be considered insurable.  For heavy or fragile items, paper or styrofoam peanuts would not be safe packaging.  UPS recommends bubble wrap or a denser foam that won't lose its shape.  If you want to pack your gift yourself, use these safe packaging standards regardless of which method of transport you choose.  Both baggage handlers and common carriers are rough on packages or luggage, irregardless of any "Fragile" labels that may be on the package.  So by either method of transport, you need to ensure it is packed well.  You can purchase these packaging supplies from any "pack and ship" store or take your item in to let them and let them pack it lending their expertise on the correct amount of packaging to use.  Even if you choose to carry your gift on the plane with you, it would be a good idea to at least let the "pack and ship" store pack it for you.
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