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Bill Lee
Bill Lee is owner and CEO of Scott Rice Office Interiors, LLC, a company created in 1934, then known as Bauman's. Scott Rice is a Steelcase dealer and an Office Furniture USA franchise owner. Scott Rice provides office furniture, modular carpet, panel systems and related installation and moving services to businesses and organizations throughout central Kansas. Bill acquired Scott Rice in December 2003 after serving as general manager for the three previous years. He has a broad background in sales/sales management and held general management positions in four different companies over the last 25 years. Bill has managed businesses in several different arenas to include office products, paper converting, specialty advertising and now office furniture. He has been involved in three business turnarounds during his management career. Bill grew up in Southeast Kansas and graduated from Kansas University. He served as an Army infantry officer in Vietnam and considers this experience as his best learning experience related to people management. Bill has always felt that managing toward superior service performance is the key to success in any organization and he made that a top priority at Scott Rice from the very beginning.
Office Environment
2006-03-30 14:20:00
Leadership in the workplace
ANSWER: They say leaders are born, not made.  Whatever the case it is clear that most leaders start to emerge at a young age.  By the time leaders reach adolescence they are recognized as leaders by the people around them.  Young leaders can be found in sports, on the debate team and in elected offices in various school organizations.  By definition the leader is out in front, with others following their lead.  Organizations need leaders to develop new ideas, get things off the ground and get those around them to participate in the effort.  If you have a position in your company that requires a leader then you have to look for a person with the following leadership traits.  A person put in a leadership role without most of these traits will have a difficult time and most likely fail.           • High integrity and honesty• Goal oriented - likes to achieve/win• Wants to be an influence• Demonstrates good judgment• Likes and accepts responsibility/   accountability• Confidence in their ideas• Instills confidence in others• Listens more than talks• Seeks and uses ideas of those around them• Converts ideas into action• Sets an example to follow• Persuasive• Says what they mean, means what they say• Gives credit where credit is due• A team player when needed• Sticks by their team mates• Takes a realistic view of the situation• Shows determination All of these traits are important but the most important relate to being achievement oriented and having honesty and integrity.  Without these traits ideas will never get off the ground and no one will follow.  People with these traits have no limitations to their level of success given the proper training and direction.  A couple of additional thoughts:  1) Giving someone the title of “Leader” does not mean that others will follow, so, it is important for management to select their leaders carefully.2) A leader is not necessarily always found in a leadership role – they can be found anywhere, in any job or position. 3) An organization made up entirely of leaders will create problems, and, therefore, followers are also needed to balance things out.
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