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Melvin Lorg
Melvin Lorg is the owner of Mel's World Class Carpet Cleaning. He has been in the carpet cleaning business for over thirteen years. Mel's company is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Mel spends much of his time teaching his carpet cleaners how to achieve excellence in cleaning and customer service, and has dedicated his business to helping homeowners get the highest return from their carpet investment. Mel welcomes your inquires and can be reached by phone at (800) 318-9812, (316) 687-9812 or (316) 941- 3500.
Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
2006-07-01 09:38:00
Carpet care to make it last
ANSWER: Carpet is one of the components to many homes that cannot be left alone if you want it to last, and many people want to care for their carpet because the cost of replacing carpet is so expensive.  Proper care and maintenance are important to the appearance and longevity of your house‚Äôs carpet.  Some areas of your house are heavy traffic areas while others are not.  One suggestion is to change the traffic pattern of a room in your house by rearranging the furniture so that different areas of the room get exposed to different traffic patterns.  You can also use carpet runners, not plastic runners, to absorb dirt and debris that is brought in from the outside without it reaching the carpet.  It might also be in your best interest to get into the habit of removing your shoes before walking on your carpet.  Shoes trap and hold a lot of debris that can make your carpet even dirtier.  Ultraviolet rays from the sun can also be harmful to your carpet, and in some cases this cannot be avoided because all houses have windows.  However, if you have drapes, blinds or other window treatments in your house, close them before you leave for the day in order to block the sunlight and prevent carpeting aging.  This is an excellent tip if you have darker shades of carpet.  Vacuuming on a regular basis is also important, and you cannot vacuum enough.  In fact, vacuuming your carpet daily is ideal, but two or three times a week is sufficient.  It is also recommended to have the carpets in your house professionally cleaned at least once a year.  There are some things that cannot be avoided when caring for and maintaining clean carpets.  Spills are one thing that you cannot avoid from occurring, but you can treat the stains in order to remove them properly.  The first rule is to blot the stain as soon after the spill happened as possible.  The longer you wait to clean up a spill, the harder it will be to remove.  You must blot, NEVER rub, scrub or brush the stain because it might cause the stain to be pushed deeper into the carpet, therefore not removing the stain.  If you rub the stain it may also damage the carpet fibers.  Carpet maintenance takes some changes to your daily routine, but if you follow these helpful tips the carpet in your home will look better and last longer. 
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