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Gloria Rader
Gloria Rader has been a Parent Information Specialist for Families Together, Inc. for three years. She has a 28 year old daughter, Courtney, who teaches kindergarten in Colorado and a 13 year old son, Sam, who attends Maize South Middle School. Sam has Down Syndrome which affects his communication, cognitive and social skills. Gloria provides workshops and technical assistance regarding special education and resources to families that include a son or daughter with a disability. You may contact Gloria at (316) 945-7747.
Family Living
2006-10-01 11:02:00
Down Syndrome and school
ANSWER: Just as successful realtors say, "Location ... location ...location", top notch teachers would answer your question by saying, "Communicate ... communicate ... communicate." Building and maintaining a positive, constructive working relationship with teachers is important for any student; however, the success of a student with disabilities often depends on an open and trusting partnership between parents and teachers. Although everyone has very busy schedules, the best way to really focus on your child's progress is in a face-to-face meeting. Parent-teacher conferences are certainly important but your communication should be ongoing throughout the school year. Develop a plan with the teachers to ensure that everyone stays in the loop. Some ways to keep communication flowing are: Post-It notes on homework assignments which provide extra information, such as, "Jason had a tough time on this - 2 seizures last night."; weekly activity logs; daily planners often have a space for note writing by the teacher and/or parents; telephone calls or E-mail notes; and, volunteering at the school. It's important for teachers and parents to be flexible. If a method of staying in touch isn't working, try a different one. Keep it going both ways. The more information you have from the teacher and vice-versa, the greater the likelihood of your child having a productive and rewarding school year. For more ideas on supporting your child with special needs, visit our website at www. familiestogetherinc. org
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