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Mel Lorg
Melvin Lorg Melvin Lorg is the owner of Mel's World Class Carpet Cleaning. He has been in the carpet cleaning business for over thirteen years. Mel's company is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Mel spends much of his time teaching his carpet cleaners how to achieve excellence in cleaning and customer service, and has dedicated his business to helping homeowners get the highest return from their carpet investment. Mel welcomes your inquires and can be reached by phone at (800) 318-9812, (316) 687-9812 or (316) 941- 3500.
Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
2006-10-01 11:02:00
Dirty carpet affecting your health?
ANSWER: Unclean carpets will be difficult to live with if you have allergies or chemical sensitivities . An area of concern for many individuals is the number of allergens contained in existing carpet. The role of indoor air quality has become an important environmental issue to many people. Allergies affect nearly 20% of Americans, common symptoms to be aware of are stuffy nose, runny nose, teary eyes, dry cough and even aches and headaches. Many people don’t even realize that they are suffering from these allergies. Without exception, allergens can be found in all households and businesses. Research has examined allergen removal and few cause and effect studies have been undertaken to identify risk from specific identified allergen sources such as upholstered furniture and carpet. So, having clean carpets and furniture should be a practice to avoid places where allergens can be held and eliminated. Consumers have the impression that carpet cleaning should only take place when the carpet appears soiled. Carpet should be cleaned before it begins to exhibit signs of soiling. Failure to regularly clean carpet could allow build-up of soil and allergens. Carpets and furniture provide a perfect haven for allergens. They may collect more lint and dust than hard surfaces, but this could be an advantage because particles are held down in the carpet and furniture until it is vacuumed. Yet, allergists routinely make recommendations of allergen avoidance by removing these sources even though a direct link of allergen exposure from these sources has never been established. Fortunately, there’s hope. Carpet cleaning is an effective way of allergen removal. Carpet should be cleaned a minimum of every twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months in normal situations. Carpet cleaning is effective in removing and trapping allergen and preventing its quantifying airborne allergen content above carpeted surfaces. Constant upkeep will also improve your breathing zone.
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