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Quentin Que Smith
Que Smith is a life member of the National Rifle Association, and a certified instructor in basic handgun, personal protection, and firearms safety. Que is a Glock and Beretta armorer and a Glock instructor. He is well known for his accomplishments in marksmanship, and his expertise in guns and gun handling. You may contact Que at Que Gun Emporium (316) 744-7340, or by e-mail: qsmith@cox.net
Guns, Firearms & Ammunition
2006-12-01 15:48:00
Are you permitted to carry a gun?
ANSWER: Carrying a concealed weapon (CCH, also known as concealed carry) is the privilege or right for private citizens to carry a handgun in public in a concealed manner, either on the person or in close proximity to the person. The current trend towards adopting concealed-carry privileges in states in which it is commonly considered a right has not been without opposition. Currently, 48 U.S. states, including Kansas, allow adults 21 years of age or older to carry concealed weapons provided they have no criminal record and meet training requirements. Recognizing the responsibility associated in concealed-carrying a firearm, Kansas requires concealed carry applicants to participate in eight hours of classroom and qualification training. The classroom topics include: firearm mechanics and terminology; concealed carry legislation and limitations; liability issues; carry methods and safety; home defense; methods for managing and defusing confrontational situations; and practice techniques. During the range portion of the course the applicant will learn and demonstrate safe handling of a firearm, how to safely operate the handgun, and accurate shooting from common self-defense distances. Kansas does require a certain proficiency to receive a passing grade. When it comes to finding an instructor there are many things to consider. All instructors set their own prices for their classes. The prices for CCH classes vary from $95 to $175, depending on each individual instructor. What kind of knowledge and experience each instructor has varies from one instructor to the next. A lot of people that are interested in getting a CCH permit may not know anything about shooting a firearm, so finding an instructor that is going to give a thorough understanding of guns and safety from the ground up is key. After completion of the CCH course with a passing test score of 100 percent and passing the marksmanship requirements, an applicant is required to take to the sheriff an application, course completion certificate received from the instructor after passing all requirements of the class, two photo id's or a passport photo, two certified checks or two money orders, no cash or personal checks, one check for $40 written to the sheriff, the other check will be made out to the Attorney General for $120. Keep in mind, an applicant must go to the sheriff in the county that he or she resides. However, a CCH class may be taken by any certified instructor of choice. Also note the address on the application must be the same as the address on a drivers license or photo id. The sheriff will take the applicant's finger prints, and forward all required documentation to the Attorney General. After receiving the proper documents and performing a background check, the Attorney General will inform the applicant if the application is approved or denied.
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