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Terry Chrisco
Terry Chrisco has practiced cosmetology for 30 years and has been the owner of Unique Concepts in Wichita Kansas since 1996. She has been a member of the National Cosmetology Association. Terry has been a member of the Kansas Education Committee for 28 years where she has served as styles director and chairman. Since 1976, she has served on Illinois and Oklahoma education committees and has served as Exam Chairman for the state of Kansas. She is a Hair America Educator for the National Cosmetology Association, a National Certified Cosmetologist, an examiner for the National Certification Program and is certified for the "Look Good Feel Better" program. You may contact Terry at Unique Concepts, 1548 S. Webb Rd. Suite 3 in Wichita, KS 67207, by phone at (316) 689-8891, or visit www.uniqueconceptsspa.com.
Beauty & Fashion
2007-07-01 16:13:00
How to keep your toes safe
Answer: Pedicures are perfectly safe if performed properly and the technicians clean and disinfect their tools and equipment correctly. Every day thousands of people get pedicures and do not get infections. Because of public awareness of certain contagious conditions that have possibly been contracted at some careless nail salons, some people might be more apprehensive about getting pedicures. By putting safe practices in place it makes the salon a safer facility and gives confidence to the consumer that the nail salon and the pedicurists have met a higher standard of safety. It is so important for all salons to adhere to high standards for pedicures as well as the principles of safety relating to manicures and other nail services. Sanitation and disinfection will help make the nail salon industry safer for all concerned. Proper cleaning and disinfecting keeps the spread of infections and contagious conditions such as fungus toenails, warts, athlete’s foot, viruses, and bacterial infections from affecting the client. The State Board of Cosmetology and Regulations require nail technicians to sanitize basins and all implements before each pedicure with barbicide, an anti-bacterial and anti fungal solution. When there is a blood spill they require a hospital grade barbicide. The glitch in the system is that the State Board of Cosmetology only has 3 inspectors for the whole State of Kansas. They can’t be in over 4000 places at the same time to check to see if Salons are following all the regulations. The law requires salons to post the sanitation procedures and have the last inspection form available. The inspection form includes the results of the inspection, including areas requiring improvement and the phone number of the State Board of Cosmetology to report any concerns. Customers should visually observe that tools and equipment are clean and well kept and not be afraid to ask to see a copy of the last inspection. Consumers of this service must rely on the reputation of the salon that you patronize. The majority of salons use safe sanitation practices or are soon out of business. Most salon professionals believe in excellence and protecting the public as well as the reputation of their profession. In most salons, the pedicure stations filter the water in a circular fashion to create the bubbles, just like in a whirlpool tub. When your pedicure is finished even if they clean the basin there is a little water in the back of the pump. This is one area where fungus and bacteria can grow. Furthermore the jets themselves can harbor fungus. When the next pedicure starts essentially you have a burst of water from the last pedicure. These pedicure station basins should be filled with a solution of barbicide and water. The solution should be circulated through the system for 10 minutes after each pedicure. New equipment is now available! Pipe-less pedicure stations use jetted air rather than circulated water. They blow out air; nothing is drawn into the system to harbor bacteria or fungus. Once the basin is sanitized all bacteria and fungus are washed down the drain. Clients should also refrain from shaving for at least 48 hours before a pedicure. Search out a salon with a good reputation for the complete pedicure. Relax and enjoy the hot towels, great exfoliation, wonderful massage, and the beautification of your feet and legs.
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