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Michelle Haverkamp
2008-04-01 09:45:00
Ensuring your charitable dollars are used locally
Answer: There are many wonderful charitable organizations at the local, state, national and international levels that are able to do great works because of the charitable contributions they receive from individuals such as you. These works include research, education, outreach programs, disaster relief, medical care, clothing, food, etc. Obviously, who to give your charitable dollars to is a personal choice which could be based on personal experience or knowledge of a specific need. All charitable contributions should impact locally to some degree but, if you want to ensure that your dollars are specifically used where you live, then you might consider making a charitable gift to an organization that is based locally and provides services for area residents. One such organization is the Guadalupe Health Foundation which is the beneficiary of the Midwest Winefest (the foundation’s primary annual fund-raising event). The Guadalupe Health Foundation is a major supporter of the Guadalupe Clinic located here in Wichita. The mission of the Guadalupe Clinic is to provide primary medical care to those without medical insurance and ineligible for medical cards or Medicare. Three-fifths of the clinic’s clients are “working poor” holding one or more jobs. The primary clinic at 940 S. St. Francis, was opened in 1985 in a former school. A satellite clinic operates at 1406 N. Erie. Grants from the foundation have allowed the Guadalupe Clinic to expand its hours and days of service to six days and two evenings a week, to open and maintain a satellite clinic in northeast Wichita and to remodel and update the primary clinic to serve clients more efficiently and safely. Both Guadalupe Clinic locations serve without regard to race, religion or creed. Of the past year’s patients, 61 percent were Caucasian; 26 percent, Hispanic; 10 percent, African-American; 2 percent, Native American and 1 percent, Asian American. In that same period, 55,000 medical services were provided to clients in 18,624 visits. The need – and demand – for services continues to grow. Services offered to all patients include physician visits, health screening/education, pregnancy tests, nutrition counseling, assistance with prescription medications, medical equipment, emergency food/clothing and infant formula and diapers. A volunteer corps of 250-plus medical personnel and others join in providing these services. In addition, the clinic has a network of others who provide specialty care, such as orthopedics, oncology, general surgery, prenatal care and delivery. Area hospitals and laboratories provide diagnostic and laboratory tests at no cost to patients. Guadalupe Clinic purchased and secured more than $90,000 in medications in 2007 and working directly with drug manufacturers, the clinic helped patients receive more than $546,400 in free medications last year alone. The Guadalupe Clinic receives no federal funding or insurance reimbursement. Clients who can are asked to donate $5, but such monies represent only 2 percent of income. The continued success of the Midwest Winefest and its support of the Guadalupe Health Foundation assures the clinic’s continuing ability to meet the needs of our community.
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