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Kevin Helt
Kevin Helt has been racing in all forms of motorsports, building and maintaining his race equipment since 1984. He has worked in the aircraft field for about 12 years in Quality Assurance before going to work for Nmotion Race Technology in early 2004 as a dyno technition and engine builder. In 2005 Kevin became an owner and took over the parts manager position where he made many contact in the motorcycle and atv industry which has proven to be very beneficial to Nmotion. Kevin is experienced in most of the day to day operations at Nmotion where he has taken an active role in managing Nmotion.
2008-07-01 15:11:00
Saving on gas, a better way
Answer: Good question, below is a graph the will show the savings over several different time frames of your prospective motorcycle getting 60 miles per gallon. Price Per Gallon of Gas $4.00 Current Car or Truck Gas Mileage-25 Prosp. Motorcycle’s Gas Mileage-60 Your Avg. Miles Driven Per Mon. 1,000 Price of the Motorcycle for 6 Month Payback $560.00 Price of the Motorcycle for 1 Year Payback $1,120.00 Price of the Motorcycle for 1.5 Year Payback $1,680.00 Price of the Motorcycle for 2 Year Payback $2,240.00 Price of the Motorcycle for 2.5 Year Payback $2,800.00 Price of the Motorcycle for 3 Year Payback $3,360.00 Price of the Motorcycle for 3.5 Year Payback $3,920.00 Price of the Motorcycle for 4 Year Payback $4,480.00 This graph shows the end price that you can spend on your motorcycle in order to get paid back in full over a specific number of months. So given the defined values, if you spend $560 for your motorcycle, the gas savings that you will receive will pay for your motorcycle in just 6 months! If you spend $1,120 on your motorcycle, it will be paid back in gas savings in just 1 year, and so on. Are we so stubborn and selfish, that we simply will not cut those vacations out, or we won’t sell off that gas guzzling Ford Excursion in exchange for a better gas mileage motorcycle or cars and we won’t move closer to work to save on consumption? We expect the next guy to do these things, and therefore get the price down for us, instead of us taking action to limit our own consumption. At the end of the day, if we do not make changes in our habits, we will be forced to buy gas prices that are so high, you won’t be able to make the rest of your bills. So take action against the insanity, and get your gas prices down today.
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