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Brent Boyd
Brent Boyd is the Manager for the Love Box Factory Outlet on East Central in Wichita. The Love Box Factory Outlets have been in the box, pack, and ship business for over ten years and currently operate six retail stores in Kansas and Oklahoma. The Outlet Stores are owned and supplied by Love Box Company (www.lovebox.com), a locally owned manufacturer of corrugated boxes and packaging systems in Wichita for over 70 years. You may contact Brent at the Love Box Factory Outlet at 6100 E. Central in Wichita. The phone number is (316) 689-8484 and the store's email address is FOEast@lovebox.com
Packing, Shipping & Mailing
2002-07-01 10:41:00
Shipping small packages
Answer:  All major carriers (UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, and USPS) ship internationally.  The least expensive way to ship small parcels internationally is usually through the US Postal Service (USPS).  This is because all countries have an agreement to deliver parcels through their own postal service once it arrives into their country.  Private carriers have a much higher overhead expense staffing each country that they deliver to. However, if your parcel is of a very high value going to a country that is not fully industrialized, it may be better to pay the extra price to have it delivered by a private carrier.  There is a much lower limit of how much insurance you can purchase to send a parcel by USPS to many countries.  To some countries, no amount of insurance is available.Most international shipments through the USPS fall into the following categories: Air or Economy (Surface) and Letter (Small Packet) or Parcel Post.  Airmail is delivered in an average of 4-7 business days.  Economy Mail is delivered in 2-6 weeks.  The Letter rate (formally known as Small Packet) is used for small boxes as well as letters.  The criteria for the Letter rate is not to exceed 4 pounds, maximum length of 24 inches and maximum combined length, width and height of 36 inches.  Keep in mind that only Air or Economy Parcel Post is insurable.Question:  What destinations can be mailed with Priority Mail stickers?Answer:  The Priority Mail service offered by the USPS is only for domestic deliveries.  This includes Army/Air Force (APO) and Navy (FPO) post offices, US territories and possessions.
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